Technological Equipments

Power Quality Products

- Static VAR Compensator (SVC) 

Nonlinear and erratic loads create a series of adverse effects to the power grid, mainly including: High order harmonics, such as 24th even harmonics and 3rd, 5th, 7th odd harmonic, severe voltage distortion becomes more complicated. Serious voltage flicker. Low power factor

One of the methods to completely resolve above problems is to install a dynamic static reactive power compensation device (SVC) with quick response time. SVC systems are widely used in the fields of rolling mills, EAF, heavy machinery, electric railway and power systems.


- Static VAR Generator (SVG)

As the next generation product of SVC, SVG has superior performance in response speed, stability of voltage level, reducing system loss, increasing transmission capacity and improving transient voltage limit, reducing harmonics and decreasing occupation area, and so on. ALYORK cooperates with reputable design and manufacturing companies to provide uniqe solutions for power quality problems.


Refactory Lining Measurement

The Laser Contouring System (LCS) by PROCESS METRIX Using patented locating system, the LCS mobile cart rapidly measures the refractory lining thickness in the BOF, EAF, Q-BOP, or LADLE environment. The LCS combines high-speed, laser-based distance measuring equipment with a robust mechanical platform and easy-to-use software.

With a laser scan rate of over 8,000 points per second, a single vessel scan can include over 500,000 individual contour measurements, providing incredibly detailed contour resolution and accurate bath height determination The system is offered in two primary configurations: 

Mobile Cart : Can be multiplexed between multiple converters, and even ladles, 

Fixed Head : Dedicated measurements station for converters, ladles and EAF’s.

All systems provide the following measurement information:


Refractory thickness 

level measurement for both converters and ladles 

Optional surface temperature measurement using single color pyrometery 

Optimal tapping angle 

Refractory wear rate and lifetime prediction capability 


Marking Machines

ALYORK cooperates with reputable manufacturers to provide marking solutions for;

Stamping Machines for ultra hot and cold products

Low stress pin stamping machines for ultra hot and cold products

Paint marking machines for ultra hot and cold products

Ink Jet solutions for cold products

Contrast barcode marking machines for ultra hot and cold products

Hot metal marking for ultra hot and cold products

High speed rail stamping tamping machines for ultra hot products

Hydraulic stamping presses with fully automatic changeable stamping tools

Hammermill deburring Machines for ultra hot and cold products

Reading Systems for marked products


Blast Furnace Valves

ALYORK provides 80 types of high quality Valves from 3 series to the Iron Making Plants through it’s representation with Chinese, European and Indian manufacturers.


Some of these Valves are;

Valves for Hot Blast Stoves as; Hot Blast Valve, Back draft Valve, Flue Gas Valve, Snort Valve, Pressure Equilizing Valve, Cold Blast Valve, Combustion Shut-off  Valve

Valves for Gas -Dust Removal and TRT as; Furnace Top Bleeder and Pressure Equilizing Valve, Butterfly Valve, Open and Enclosed type Google Valves, Ball Valve, Emergency Cut-Off Valve

Control Valves for Heat Recovery and Gas Pipeline Networks as; Blind Valve, Eccentric Butterfly Valve, Flue Gas IsolationValves


Bell-Less Top

Bell-less top equipment with independent intellectual property rights of QINYE


The characteristics of the numerical control precise bell-less top distributor:

Chute’s swing is driven by numerical cylinder, it is simple structure with accurate transmission.

Digital servo control mechanism, fast start, high repeating positioning accuracy.

Forced charging throttle valve can flexibly control distributing speed, and never blocked.

Chute’s rotary and swing are controlled by computer to archieve multi ring, spiral, sector and stationary point distributing.

Distributor is water cooled and air sealed, nice cooling and dustproof, long service life.

Alloy inlay type antifriction chute is solid and wear well, long lifetime and easy for replacement.


Metallurgy Vehicles

Alyork, through it’s representation of Chinese manufacturers,  supplies 200 types of Hauling Equipment of 50 different variety to Iron & Steel Industry . Most common ones are;


Torpedo Ladle Cars, Hot Metal Ladle Cars, Slag Pot Cars for Blast Furnaces

Hot Metal De-Sulphurization Cars, Hot Metal Weighing Cars, Molten Steel Ladle Cars, Furnace Bottom Cars for Converters

Various Pots, Ladles, and low voltage track flat cars and span cross cars.


CDQ Equipment

Coke Dry Quenching (CDQ) Equipment ALYORK cooperates with Chinese manufacturers for supply of Coke Dry Quenching Equipments as;


Rotary Discharge Valve 

Nitrogen Supply Device 

Electric Powered Locomotive 

Locomotive Hauled Coke Buckets


Round Buckets for Coke Ovens higher than 5 mt. Rectangular Buckets for Coke Ovens lower than 6mt.

The equipments we provide are suitable for the Coke Ovens 

With Height :  4.3 m to 7.63 m

With Capacity : 75 t/h to 180 t/h



- Metallurgy crane

Lifting Capacity(t) 1-500

Metallurgy crane mainly used in technics course of steel-making, iron-making, steel rolling. The kind of crane mainly contain foundry, forging, magnetic disk, carrier beam etc overhead crane. It is used in the grim condition of high loading, high temperature and more dust etc.


- Electric hoist

Lifting Capacity(t) 0,25-20

Electric hoist is a light lifting equipment which has comprehensive purpose , its characteristic is small volume, light weight, high loading, which can be mounted on electric single girder, overhead gantry crane and suspend crane, it can lifting and transport goods.


- Single-girder Gantry Crane with Truss

Lifting Capacity(t) 0,25-20

Electric Single-girder Gantry Crane forms a complete set with electric hoist. The surface of facing wind is very small, because of its steel-pip leg. It is the best light crane, which is used both in multi-wind area and workshop for inside and outside.It also has ground-controlling and remote-controlling. Lifting capacity is 2t-20t(Gn),and the span is 10m-30m,and working system is 25% and mbient temperature no more than 40?,and wind-pressure is less than 125Pa. 


- Fixed seat type crane

The crane widely used in middle and small type dock, warehouse, yard or factory, load and unload grocery or bulk cargo. The type of crane is single arm frame wirerope change scope, adopt double pulley compensate, goods horizontal move, change all scope with capacity, high working efficiency.

The kind of crane hook and grab double use.


- Grab

For handling core scrap, pig-iron, pellets, oa scrap, pellets, ferro alloys, industrial heavy wastes, small packages of scrap…Piled and bulk material density up to 3 t/m³